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The Year of Charlotte Tilbury: Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencils

Hi, friend-

I couldn’t let a month go by without adding a new post to my monthly series — The Year of Charlotte Tilbury!

This month I’ll be showing you two of Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencils. One that I purchased during an infamous shopping trip in Selfridges, and the other that I bought after the fact. The one that I picked up in Selfridges (Champagne Diamonds) was based solely on my color preference, before I understood that Tilbury had designed the pencils to enhance *specific* eye colors. The second I purchased (Golden Quartz) later to test out the eye-shade specific pencil that Tilbury recommended for hazel eyes. Below you’ll see photos of me wearing both. You’ll have to let me know if Tilbury’s hypothesis is true. Does her Golden Quartz really make my hazel eyes pop more than Champagne Diamonds?

What are Colour Chameleons? (I’m sorry, but I have to ask if anyone else’s brain spontaneously starts playing Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon upon reading Colour Chameleon? ;o) Colour Chameleons are Tibury’s answer to the eyeshadow pencil trend. But, Tilbury always has a trick up her sleeve, and these are no exception. Yes, they’re long wearing, but the real trick is that she has taken the guess work out of picking which pencil will most enhance and “transform” your eye color.

Charlotte Tilbury's Colour Chameleons in Golden Quartz (left) and Champagne Diamonds (right).

Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleons in Golden Quartz (left) and Champagne Diamonds (right).

“Cheat your way to intense, bedazzling eye color in the stroke of a pencil! Bring out your eyes’ natural gemstone sparkle with my COLOUR CHAMELEON eyeshadow pencils, infused with synthetic sapphire.”

— The Charlotte Tilbury website

How do they work? Easy. Run the eyeshadow pencil along the lower portion of the lid and smudge the shadow up and out toward the outer V of the eye. Easy peasy as that. Tilbury’s website claims these are long lasting, and I will give her that, but do they stand up to the nursing-shift test? No. Even with my trusty Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion underneath, Colour Chameleons are significantly creased by the end of a 13-hour nursing shift. Do I recommend them for ease and long-lasting wear under normal circumstances… Yes! They’re terrific!

Champagne Diamonds

Charlotte Tilbury's Colour Chameleon in Champagne Diamonds.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon in Champagne Diamonds.

Tilbury's official image of Champagne Diamonds.

Tilbury’s official image of Champagne Diamonds.

Like I mentioned earlier in the post, Champagne Diamonds was the first Colour Chameleon that I purchased. At the time I wasn’t aware that Tilbury had designed her eyeshadow pencils to pair with specific eye colors. I’m sure my sweet (and patient) MUA tried to explain to me that Golden Quartz may be a better selection for my eye color, but I had a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time, LOL. But, despite Champagne Diamonds being designed for blue eyes, I think that it’s really a universal shade that would look beautiful on anyone. What do you think?

Golden Quartz

Charlotte Tilbury's Colour Chameleon in Golden Quartz.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon in Golden Quartz.

Tilbury's official image of Golden Quartz.

Tilbury’s official image of Golden Quartz.

Once I became a tried-and-true Charlotte-Tilbury fan, I decided I needed to give her selection of Colour Chameleon for my eye shade a try. I selected Golden Quartz for hazel eyes, though she also has the alternative Smokey Emerald for hazel eyes. I love Golden Quartz, and I do think that it enhances the color of my eyes. After seeing her model’s hazel eyes, however, I see that I have more green in my eyes and I *really* want to try her Bronzed Garnet for green eyes. Do you see how this is fun and just as addicting as her other (goodies, oops, I mean) products?


So what do you think? Are you itching to try Tilbury’s Colour Chameleons now? Are you curious to see if your eyes will pop under her guidance? What do you think about her selection for my hazel eyes? Do you think they pop more under the influence of Golden Quartz than when compared to Champagne Diamonds?

Thanks for checking out June’s The-Year-of-Charlotte-Tilbury post. If you’re still curious about her products check out the following links to learn more, and come back next month for some Charlotte Tilbury X Norman Parkinson fun!!

Lots of love,


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    • Thanks, Joy. It’s an interesting idea that CT had about how certain eyeshadow colors bring out one’s eye color. Not sure if it’s working here, but… :o) Hehe
      Hope you’re doing well!! XO

  1. I often strongly disagree with the whole what colour looks best what what eye colour thing anyway, soo… Both of them look absolutely gorgeous on you. So classy. ❤ I have to admit that I'm really curious about them now, but at that price, they aren't going to get tried out. =/

    " (I’m sorry, but I have to ask if anyone else’s brain spontaneously starts playing Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon upon reading Colour Chameleon? ;o)"
    Absolutely. Throughout the entire review…

  2. I really, really like the golden quartz. It’s a nice deep color that I think make your eyes stand out! Also, I don’t think much of anything can withstand a nursing shift haha! I’ve decided to show up to work bare-skinned from now on.

    • You know, I’m about to the same place. I put on my NARS tinted moisturizer and mascara and that’s about it. I don’t know how some show up with a full face and don’t leave looking like a melted circus clown. It’s beyond my understanding, LOL.
      Hope your week is treating you well!

      • Agreed! They must be using a setting spray sent from the gods haha! I need to find out their secrets. Have a great weekend! xx

  3. Beautiful! Once again, I love how you compare how the products look on you and their promotional photos! Truth in advertising! 😀
    I like the look of dark pearl and amber haze – both for brown eyes which is what I have! I also love how on CT’s site they swatch all the colours on various skin tone – bravo!

    • I love how they swatch them on various skin as well. This should be the standard!
      Thanks for the feedback. You’re a sweetheart. :o)
      I hope your week is treating you well and moving quickly along to the weekend!

      • We have today off as it’s Canada Day! Having a day off in the middle of the week will hopefully break it up so it goes by faster! 😛

      • Hooray! That’s wonderful!! Hope you’re kicking back with your feet up (or having some fun somewhere!). XO

  4. I think Golden Quartz does make your eyes pop more; it’s just a little bit extra contrast and pulls the different colors out of your eyes. Beautiful!

    • Good to know! Thanks :o)
      It’s neat that she has created such a thoughtful line. I love it. (bet you couldn’t tell, lol).
      Hope you’re doing well!! XO

  5. My head is indeed singing Karma Chameleon…
    Anway, I love them both. Golden Quartz looks great on you but I think the lighter version is a little easier to wear during the day.
    Did you fall for the Norman Parkinson collection as well? So pretty right, but I had to limit myself to one item 😦
    xxx Anne

    • Thanks for adding your vote! I think we’re split down the middle between Golden Quartz and Champagne Diamonds. You’re right about CD being a bit easier to wear during the day, but, like most of CT’s line, GQ is actually quite wearable for the day as well. She’s created such a neat line!
      And… Yes… I fell for her collaboration with NP…. How could we not! They’re gorgeous items perfect for display on the vanity. I ended up with two compacts and the two Matte Revolutions. LOVE THEM. Have you received yours yet?

  6. “Lovin’ would be easy if your colours were like my dreeeeeams, red gold and green!”

    Those are seriously gorgeous, and they look wonderful on you!

  7. The colors are lovely here! I love how you can blend them together to reach that middle ground (still gorgeous as on its own!) I have to try them out as I really like the colors and pigmentation, that would be my first CT product to try! Have a great day Jacqueline! 🙂 🙂 xo~ Lena

    • You’re lucky to have a CT boutique in your Nordstrom in Chicago. When you get the chance, you’ll have to go spend some time pouring over her lovely line. I think you’ll love it!
      Thanks for saying hi, Lena! Hope you’re doing well. I hope you have a *fantastic* fourth! XO

    • Hehe. You know me well, ma belle! Yes. Guilty… I bought four items from the summer line. Two compacts and the two Matte Revolutions (couldn’t resist them!!). I LOVE THEM!! I can’t wait to share them with you :o)
      How about you?!

      • hahaha! I do kind of know you! 😀 and I know that you’ll enjoy them as well! 😉
        I didn’t got anything yet! I simply can’t decide!
        I do want to get the Miss Kensington set but I think is rather expensive plus the Filmstar cream as well…I really don’t know yet! 😀
        in the meanwhile I will enjoy yours! 😉

      • 😁😍💕
        I plan to post about them next week, so hopefully that’ll help you to get a better feel for them!

  8. Her eye pencils are great, if you blend them well, they can even replace coats and coats of eye shadow. When I checked her counter, I’ve seen that you cannot shop online and be sure to find the color that really makes your eyes pop out, but you need to try them in person. In my case, with green eyes, the colors supposed to flatter me, were not doing so. The make up artist had to apply a color that suits brown eyes. Both your shades are beautiful. I’m buying #champagne diamonds soon as well. It’s so bright and summery.

    • I hope you’ll love Champagne Diamonds! That’s interesting to hear that the MUA played around with colors to find your specific one. That’s great though. Which color did you end up with? I’m interested to know which brown shade ended up pairing best with your green eyes. It’s fun for sure!

      • It’s ‘dark pearl’ a plum-brown that strangely makes the green stand out. It’s a really camaleon shade, you’ll see golden and pink reflections in it as well, depending on the light. If you asked me, I think it would suit you as well. 😉

      • OK! I will check out Dark Pearl. It sounds beautiful! Thank you for the recommendation. I love how she has so many chameleon-type shades.

  9. To. Die. For!!! lol There are no words how gorgeous these eyeshadow pencils are! You could be a model for CT btw. Simply lovely! 🙂

    • LOL. I’m not sure about that, but I certainly have proclaimed my love for her line! They’re so easy to wear and even her bolder items still seem extra wearable. She’s a genius! :o)
      I hope that you have a fantastic fourth with the fam! Hopefully it’s not too hot where you are (its been a scorcher here!!).

      • It’s going to be cooler but humid, we’ve been getting a ton of rain. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

      • Darn. Rain for the fourth is a bummer. Hopefully it’ll clear up for the night’s festivities. :0)

  10. Golden quartz does look fab! Btw champagne diamonds is also very lovely. Not sure I can choose between the two. Are you eyeing up any item of the Norman parkinson collection being a CT addict 😉 ??

    • I sure did! I bought two compacts and both of the lipsticks :0) I’ll share them soon! Are you eyeing any?
      Thanks for the Colour Chameleon feedback. I like both, too. I guess Golden Quartz is most fun for me bc I wouldn’t have selected it based off pure like of the shade, you know? It’s neat to see her theory at work :0)
      Hope you’re doing well! Thanks for saying hi.

      • Hey! Yes I’ve been eyeing up the highlighter powder and maybe one of the lippies.can’t decide which one! They both look fab. Ahh… Charlotte Tilbury always come up with beautiful products that we can’t resist :/ hehe

      • She sure does! If descriptions help, 1975 Red is a *vibrant* red that leans toward the orange side. It’s about the most lively red I’ve ever seen. Miss Kensington reads like more of a nude on me than I would have thought. It does look more “rose petally” on her models, so keep that in mind that it may go more nude on you as well. They’re both beautiful though!!

  11. I’m not an expert but both colours look gorgeous on you Jacqueline! I have green eyes myself (though tending towards blue rather than the brown end of the spectrum) and I wear champagne colours for more of an everyday look and dusky browns for a stronger effect for night time or special occasions. Both of these shades seem to work well for me so I’d say go with what you are most drawn to! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    • You too, Rose!! I hope that you’re staying warm and enjoying your weekend.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the shades as well! I guess the reason CT’s Golden Quartz is so much fun for me is that it’s not the color I would select based on choice of color — but it works. Fun, fun.

  12. These are so beautiful!!! ❤ I enjoy your blog so much! I just found it and all of your pictures are gorgeous, keep up the amazing work! xo

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  15. Reify says

    You look gorgeous with either of the shadows on, but I think, in terms of making your eye colour pop, Golden Quartz does a better job. You really made me want some of these!

  16. Bruney says

    I am over a year behind here, but I just wanted to say thanks! We have the same color eyes. I guess having hazel eyes with blue around the iris is more rare than having brown around the iris– I read that somewhere. My eyes look greener and cooler colored than the stock photo too, so I was wondering how Golden Quartz would work. I think it looks really great on you! As does the other 🙂 and now to dust off my old Culture Club records!

    • Thanks for sharing the interesting fact about hazel and blue eyes! I haven’t heard that before. I hope that you are able to get your hands on some fun CT goodies.

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