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Jouer Summer 2015 Le Matchbox Unboxing

Hi, friend!

I’m back with a new unboxing video to share Jouer’s Summer Le Matchbox. Le Matchbox is a quarterly subscription that costs $45. The summer collection is valued at just over $100. I’m still loving the items that I received in my spring box, and my first impressions of the summer box are great!

Check out the video and let me know what you think!

I hope that your weekend is going well! XO


P.S. I’ll be back later today with day two of our Parisian vacation.



    • Hehe. LOL. I always feel silly making videos… It’s fun though, and it’s fun to get to see other WP bloggers. (listen to me trying to justify my silliness, LOL).
      Thanks for checking out the video and for subscribing!!

  1. plus+beauty27 says

    Hi Jacqueline! I loved your video! It was so great to see you again! 🙂 Everything in your Jouer box looks wonderful! I’m so sorry to see that your bronzer was broken. That’s such a bummer! I hope they will replace it. Thanks for sharing your box with us. I hope that you’re enjoying your weekend! I am looking forward to see more of your Paris trip! 🙂 Xo

    • Hi, Katie :0) It’s always nice to chat with you. How’s the weather in Vegas today? It’s cooler and raining here for the first time in at least a month. I’m hoping for the same for you. Do you have any plans tonight? Does Vegas do a big fireworks show?

      • plus+beauty27 says

        Hi Jacqueline 🙂 The weather wasn’t quite as hot today as it as been. It was a little bit more bearable lol. Ron and I went to Boulder City to see fireworks tonight and they were really nice! It was a lot of fun! They had food vendors and a DJ playing music along with some games and stuff for kids. Did you do anything fun tonight?

      • I love Boulder. It has a really fun feel, and there’s a dinner where we love to eat. It sounds like you had fun! I had to work Sunday morning so we had a BBQ at my parent’s house and then got home early so that I could go to bed, LOL. It was fun though. Week going well?

  2. I am watching your reveal and also checking out the art behind you and your necklace, which by the way are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your looks with the new product and how the company responds to your broken bronzer.

    • Hi, Jassy :o) The art is my hubby’s. Thanks for noticing!! I really enjoy living in a house full of his art. And, thanks for noticing the necklace, too. It’s a tremendous splurge that I indulged in during our Paris trip. I feel incredibly appreciative to own it.
      Yes! I’m just getting ready to send Jouer a photo of the bronzer. I’ll post an update for sure.
      Thanks for saying hi. I hope that your weekend is going well. XO

  3. Thanks for sharing your unboxing, it is such fun to unwrap beautiful bits of make up with you. And this necklace is gorgeous, really, really beautiful and it suits you so well. You are seriously tempting me to check Le Matchbox, but I’m not sure they ship to Canada. I love the idea of getting a complete make-up set that you can wear for the season. Looking forward to seeing you trying the full make-up as described in their little magazine. Take care.

    • Hi, Agnes :o) Exactly! I love the variety that Jouer sends in their Le Matchbox, and the seasonal makeup is great. I’m hoping that this subscription will help me curb my makeup (addiction… I mean) buying habits ;o). I can’t find on their website if they ship to Canada….

  4. Great to see you in a video Jackie! You definitely should open a Youtube channel!
    The creamy eye shadow from this box is great, so bright and with an incredible color pay off. I think it should suit you and I’m really looking forward to see you play with it.
    I’m so sorry with the bronzer being broken and not enough pigmented, but I guess you can return it and get a new one soon.
    Have a nice day!

    • Hi, Alessia. Good news! I received an email from Jouer and they’re sending me a new bronzer, free of charge! Hooray :o) It really is a lovely and subtle bronzer, and you’re right, the cream eyeshadow is *so* gorgeous. I love how easy their products are to use.
      I hope your weeks is going well. :o)

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